Researching Marxist Media Studies

For your reading week, you are going to research Marxist approaches to Media Studies.  We have watch Top Boy and considered a marxist ideology about power.

Today you have received your reading pack…

Your task is to read it (I recommend using a highlighter and making notes) and then pick any text you like which you think is about power and ideology and try to write an analysis of that text applying Marxist perspectives…

Here are some texts you could consider:

8 Mile

Top Boy (C4)

Uncle (BBC3)

Snickers advert (get some nuts)

X Factor




Peter Andre – Representing Celebrity

Here is my response to Mr Oguntuase’s representation lesson…

The sequence is a montage of different Peter Andre experiences, which denote the ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ of his celebrity career.  We see images of music video shoots next to the pool where sexy models in swim suits are bathing in the sun, we also see Andre in a helicopter and an SUV.  These images connote glamour and luxury which are stereotypical values of celebrity.  However, the montage also shows Peter Andre crying and tripping over during a concert.  This connotes that celebrity life can be hard too and emotional.  This challenges audience perceptions of what a celebrity lifestyle is really like.  At one point we see images of Peter Andre with his family.  This shows audiences the reality behind the celebrity image.  He still has to care for his children and this represents celebrity status as a fake construction that is not all glitz and glamour but an effort of mediation.

How to analyse the unseen text…


Here are the notes from our lesson today.  Why not try it out over the easter break?  Watch the opening of your favourite TV show, or the latest music video from your favourite artist or a trailer from a new film or game and then try analysing it using the flow diagram below.

Have a good holiday everyone… we all need it.

Mr M

How to analyse the unseen text

Media exam practice

How does the institution take an original and positive approach to road safety advertising?

The majority of road safety adverts are usually designed to instil as much fear as possible, this one instead has the young adult male saved by “daddy’s little angle(reference to costume)” and his wife. This promotes safety in a positive way, symbolising that the main focus of the piece was saved by the love of his family.